A Minor Setback

I have suffered from a minor anxiety disorder as long as I can remember. After having a complete breakdown 12 months ago, I have been able to keep a job for the past 6 months with minimal problems until now. I have also found love which every single person close to me couldn’t believe including myself.

The medication that was helping me is now becoming my worst nightmare. I haven’t had a dreamless sleep in over four months. Every night I am tormented by scenes from my real life for hours on end until my alarm forces me awake. The result is a very very tired and therefore incredibly emotional girl. I was managing to survive until I got so tired it made me even more anxious.

I can’t live like this and my doctor cannot help.

This cannot be my life.

I find myself at another crossroads. I want to be able to work from home but have no idea how to go about that. I need that comfort and lack of stress but don’t want to enable myself to become worse than I am.

Hence the reason for this blog. A venting space for no ones benefit but my own.


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